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June 2005 - Posts

Microsoft's Paul Flessner just sent out an email to all of the official Yukon Beta Testers: SQL Server 2005 will ship the week of November 7, 2005. Very cool news. One of my favorite new features: The Oracle Conversion Wizard... muhahahah. Share this Read More...
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Following up on my previous MSDE Facts post, I wanted to provide the same coverage for SQL Server 2000 Personal, because it frequently gets confused, in many circles, with MSDE -- probably because it, like MSDE, is capable of being installed on non-server Read More...
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Despite how great MSDE is, I find myself constantly forgetting just what exactly its limitations are. So, without further ado, MSDE Facts : N A M E When initially released, MSDE stood for Microsoft Data Engine - back in the days when it was SQL Server Read More...
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